Winter Woes

Winter is approaching and being a sun lover I can’t help but feel apprehensive about this seasonal change .The late sunrise makes me a late riser and its an effort to get out of my warm cozy bed .As I sip my first cup of ginger laced tea I can feel it coursing down my throat and radiating its warmth through my entire body .Its only then I surmount energy to go about my daily chores.

However the most dreaded but compulsory routine is bathing .It’s a shuddering trembling experience and I try to hurry it up to escape from the cold . Oiling and moisturizing is another added task which cannot be ignored even though it’s boring .

Being a homemaker ,cooking becomes more tedious as again I have to wash the veggies etc and put my hands in cold water .But I have devised my own technique in which I use a long handle spoon to toss turn and rinse the veggies thus avoiding my precious fingers from getting partly frozen .

I guess my favourite time is after my early lunch when I sit and soak in the sun as it streams into our porch .A luxurious relaxed feeling creeps into my body .The mind starts to rest and a vacant happiness takes over .

Funny weather it is as I always go searching for something to munch .Guilt fills in when I see my weighty reflection in the mirror but I console myself that it’s only temporary and of course I need the extra calories .

Early dinner and early to bed is my winter mantra and I love to snuggle deep in my quilt and hope that time hibernates as I fall into a restful warm and cozy slumber .




Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

4 thoughts on “Winter Woes”

  1. Haha…..I surely do agree with your post and that’s why I start going for a jog in winters since school timings are also late in winters. Hahaa.
    But still it is never difficult to get into bed in winters.😂😂
    So you are no exception.😘


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