Its So Difficult !

Its so difficult !Its so difficult to forget the past . Slides of happy times , the earlier struggle ,the faces of family members ,their energy ,their liveliness slowly pass one by one infront of my closed but sleepless eyes.

Miss those days and there arises a longing to once again go back and live in the past with theose younger youthful faces .Alas the wheel of life only moves forward never backward .

The mind is uncontrollable and a continous battle takes place in the mind to forget the past and engage in the present .

Those days are now nostalgia .Future is unknown ,who knows what is to come .Perhaps peace and happier days .Perhaps …….

Dedicated to dad those days that liveliness ,that past.


Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

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