The Apparition !

Trudging wearily on my road one night i came across a ordinary looking owl perched on a tree branch .He had a sharp beak and a book in hand. .Tired and depressed with a fake smile i asked him for help .

I had many questions swirling in my mind . I had reached a state of utter confusion and chaos .The wise owl cleared many of my doubts .He taught me lessons on life .I was calmer and happy with my new guide .My dependency increased and i forgot that he was an owl till suddenly without any farewell he flew away .

I looked around ,called for him but only silence greeted me .My road was clearer ,less dusty but a very long distance remained .

My journey had become boring and lonely . My destination was far away .I needed help to complete the many miles left .

Oh wise owl !do come back and help me to reach my destination point .

A blast from the past .A tribute to the wise owl who lives in deep woods!


Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

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