After the huge popularity of facebook , a new social platform called “whatsapp” came into play . “Whatsapp” it seems is a boon for people who want a private instant one to one connection with others .But after my fb experiences i was wary of connecting via social media .

However after some persuasion by friends i downloaded the app ,putting a formal (no nonsense ) kind of display pic .😐I started receiving and sharing posts .Gradually i found myself into groups .Using privacy settings i put ” notifications off” so that i would not be disturbed.All the same in between housework i found myself running to check whether anything new had been posted This became an obsession .

As i was connected via my home wifi ,whenever going out i felt disconnected and restless. So i got myself a data pack which enabled me freedom of reading and sharing outdoors also.

My mornings would begin with a cup of tea and the morning newspaper was replaced by my mobile whatsapp . Soon i realised that groups were addictive and taking too much space , so i bought a tablet and transferred all groups to it. Now i remainned connected with my family and children on my mobile whatsapp and gave them instructions not to send forwards and use it only for messaging purposes. I would hurriedly finish my housework, cooking and all to sit with my tablet .

Finally one day ,my husband a balanced and practical person remarked “ I think you have become addicted to whatsapp!!” At first i vehmently denied it but later realised it to be true.😑

Ultimately i decided to practice self control and took a decision not to reply or share any more forwards or posts. Now i no longer open my whatsapp groups on my tablet .Am more stable and connected to my surroundings.But on a humorous note now trying my hand at ” blogging. ” 😉

Cheers to Blogging!!



Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

14 thoughts on “MY WHATSAPP ADDICTION”

  1. I have a kind-of-similar story. I used to be a social media addict, I used to constantly check facebook or instagram. I use WeChat here in China to communicate with my friends here. It is like Whatsapp, and I also use Whatsapp to chat with my family and friends back home. I have only a few close friends who have my mobile number so I am not part of many groups on WhatsApp, but on WeChat, I am in several groups and I sometimes mute the notifications. Nowadays, I have stopped using facebook and instagram, concentrating on blogging on wordpress. I have realised that I now constantly check wordpress. I think I am becoming a wordpress addict.

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