Whose Home Is It ?

For those wondering as to the reason for this title ,i would like to say that in most indian marriages i have seen that though the house where a family resides maybe ancestral or in the name of husband and wife on paper , it reflects the lady’s personality mostly.

Whether working (job) or non working ,the home is run by a lady .Whether its just planning of meals ,shopping for rations or provisions ,supervision of children or care of elderly the lady makes most the decisions .The men no doubt help out by assisting her but in most cases that also is alloted by her.

Responsibilities may be shared mutually .And no doubt there is a great increase in number of husbands happily contributing to household chores but the home still belongs to the lady .


Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

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