The Radha Krishna Love story

It is said that love between Radha and Krishna is most pure and divine . But i have always wondered why Lord Krishna did not marry Radha since they were childhood sweethearts. It is written that Krishna never met Radha after he left Vrindavan at the age of ten .He even married Rukmini but we worship the image of Radha Krishna together.

Radha is believed to be mesmerized by his flute tunes .Their love is ultimate and superior to any .It is said that when asked, Lord Krishna said that He and Radha are’ One ‘ and marriage is between two different persons hence no need of them to get married . Theirs is a spiritual love .They are believed to be soulmates hence its an everlasting love .

All the same many questions come to my mind .Is it possible to remain in love with a childhood sweetheart with no meetings after so many years ? Also is it possible to love to persons at same time? And what is the status of Rukmini ?And do soulmates exist ?

Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Radhe Radhe


Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

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