My inital experience of opening a facebook account about ten years ago was one of sheer happiness.One of my school friends located me and sent me a friend request .I was overjoyed and then gradually got connected to school and college friends .I was overjoyed.There was so much excitement, chatting ,posting and sharing.It was as if we all were reliving our school and college days.Jokes ,leg pulling ,arguements all on fb.😊

However soon after a year or so i got requests from my close and distant relatives and even my inlaws.😨I saw the same happening with my earlier fb friends .😞

Meanwhile fb underwent some technical changes in their options and privacy settings .😁So i created lists and joined groups of interest .I was back to my earlier self though on my profile page i would share quotes ,status,health and inspiration stories as proof of my intellectual knowledge.Ha Ha Ha

Then came along a new trend of sharing various places, airports ,restaurants etc one checked in .People would also upload photographs of the same .It appears everyone was trying to show what a rocking life they were having. And i realised that now facebook had changed to fakebook.😱


Author: rita saxena

Rantings and Rumblings of my mind! The thoughts just seem to tumble out on their own😊

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