Its time to let go !

Yup time has come to let go of attachments . I chose to remain connected but focus on myself . There comes a time when one gets freedom from responsiblities and once again can focus on evolving the self .

The more we chose to free others the more free we become .And the greater the freedom the happier we feel

Goals achieved and freedom calls !


The Lost Love !

Is it possible to have loved and lost ? If so then was it love or just an attachment ? This appears to be a mystery or a puzzle .Memories fade with time but can the love just disappear ,vanish or be replaced ? Maybe twin flames do exist ?

Research needed .Opinions welcome !

Non interference/ unsolicited advice

Its difficult to understand another person completely ,the reason for their behaviour ,their choices ,their decisions .I doubt a person shares all howsoever close they may be .Sometimes its just nature or personality .

Anyhow one thing i have learnt is that unsolicted advice only becomes an interference in anothers life .

Sometimes its difficult to watch and remain silent but its always better to remain silent .Give your opinion only if asked for .

Let people learn as they go through what they have to .

So much for floating quotes and fowards

Life is full of the unexpected .Anything can happen to anyone .Its always better to be cautious and humble when success comes your way .Life is not merely full of happy moments and enjoyment .

Personally in my life i have seen that without sacrifice and effort nothing lasts long.Shortcuts maygive temporary success but be assured its not permanent .

Random Thoughts

Its easy to advice ,its easy to speak but to follow is an entirely different and difficult achievement. Its easy to complain ,its easy to give up but strenght lies in the opposite .

We are after all human beings with emotions and weaknesses .So i believe its okay to cry ,to complain and sometimes one has to learn to give up if situation demands so .

Strenght ,tolerance and patience are vital but takes years to develop .

Still trying to improve on my self .

Power lies in self control !

Mental strenght is a great asset in life . Tolerance and patience are keys to mental strenght.When situations are difficult and not to your liking then one always has the choice to ignore and carry on .Sometimes its better to let go and accept .Happiness comes from peace of mind ,which in turn comes from acceptance of reality.

Be the master of your mind .

Silence !

Sometimes life gives situations which are neither positive nor negative .A stagnation creeps into life .The mind is perplexed as there is nothing to think or plan .Too many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ too many conditions . The road is clear but long ,perhaps thats reason life becomes boring .The mind becomes blank .Maybe when the road is long ,the walk becomes slow .One can see the future but it seems faraway ,so distant .

Perhaps my blogging friends can understand why i become silent for sometime .☺

Cheers to life !