Searching for something in life !

Hi friends !

Going through my reader I come across lots of posts wherein the writer seems to be unsettled as if in search of something .I guess maybe its lack of fulfilment in some sphere of life .

Now in my fifties ,I realize that the greatest feeling is satisfaction or call it contentment. Happiness comes from fulfilment of our expectations. Perhaps the mind is conditioned to love ,desire or work for an achievement and when unsuccessful in it one becomes unhappy or unsettled.

So what is the solution ?

The solution I can think is of keeping realistic expectations .Accept your situation and don’t tie yourself to other people .Everyone has choices so make the best out of what you have .The greatest happiness comes from being loved so be humble , be compassionate and keep going .

Let’s move on guyz!


Being Beautiful

Its good to be beautiful . And beauty radiates from the whole personality of a person. Apart from the features and figure, one’s gait ,posture and even body language all go into consideration.A smile , a dimple or mesmerizing eyes add to it.

No doubt clothes and make up help to enhance our look or even camouflage the unappealing features but real beauty is visible in the simplest of clothes and minimum of make up .I remember yesteryears Indian actress Nutan and the present day Katrina who with their simplicity radiate beauty.

Some faces show a freshness ,an innocence which catches our eye. No doubt beauty is prevalent mostly in young age and fades as we age .However there are those rare cases of middle aged women who exude a charm ,a sweetness which is very attractive . Hema Malini is one such example of such charm .

Anyhow whatever the definition of beautiful ,one thing for sure we girls all feel happy when we look beautiful .

Whatever be ,all you ladies out here , get up ,dress up and doll yourself to renew yourself .

Winter Woes

Winter is approaching and being a sun lover I can’t help but feel apprehensive about this seasonal change .The late sunrise makes me a late riser and its an effort to get out of my warm cozy bed .As I sip my first cup of ginger laced tea I can feel it coursing down my throat and radiating its warmth through my entire body .Its only then I surmount energy to go about my daily chores.

However the most dreaded but compulsory routine is bathing .It’s a shuddering trembling experience and I try to hurry it up to escape from the cold . Oiling and moisturizing is another added task which cannot be ignored even though it’s boring .

Being a homemaker ,cooking becomes more tedious as again I have to wash the veggies etc and put my hands in cold water .But I have devised my own technique in which I use a long handle spoon to toss turn and rinse the veggies thus avoiding my precious fingers from getting partly frozen .

I guess my favourite time is after my early lunch when I sit and soak in the sun as it streams into our porch .A luxurious relaxed feeling creeps into my body .The mind starts to rest and a vacant happiness takes over .

Funny weather it is as I always go searching for something to munch .Guilt fills in when I see my weighty reflection in the mirror but I console myself that it’s only temporary and of course I need the extra calories .

Early dinner and early to bed is my winter mantra and I love to snuggle deep in my quilt and hope that time hibernates as I fall into a restful warm and cozy slumber .



Vacation Excitement !

Yeah !!!!Going to Goa on 25 of this month for 5 days. Have been there before with my son in 2007 but this it its with my hubby .More of a break and a change from routine life .Just need to relax ,no work ,comfortable stay and absorb the different surroundings and culture .

Here in North India its been raining from past two weeks disrupting my evening walks . Feeling bored indoors .

Seeking advice or validation ??

Seeking advice ?Search yourself my friend .Perhaps its not advice you seek !Perhaps you want acceptance of the decisions you chose .Perhaps your mind doubts its choice or why would you try to convince others .

If you are sure of yourself there is no need of advice ,no need of validation. Be strong be willing to stand for your belief and face the consequences .

The first step to success is to “believe in yourself” !!

Why is life so challenging ?

Life is so challenging nowadays with increased population , education and jobs have become difficult and more competitive .Things are more difficult for the youngsters in the current scenario.

As i look back to my younger years(30years back ) , i recollect that we had much more free time available .Perhaps technology was not advanced hence knowledge and distractions were less. We were less stressed whether it was education or job. And ofcourse families were more emotionally connected .

Now we have bigger developed cities , better vehicles but commuting is an ordeal with traffic jams and long distances.

Come to think of it even relationships have become complex .Marriages are a big affair with more controversy in relationships. Maybe advancement comes with its own price .Perhaps progress has made us more knowledgable and reduced our emotional balance .

The Beginning of the Happy Ending.

In my younger years i always wondered about the future .Being married to a husband with a white collar job who had lost his father in his childhood there was not much of backup or call it inheritance .Life was tough with two kids money was always just enough .I picked up teaching jobs many times but due to my husband’s transfers i could not have a permanent job

Anyhow the services gave us an exposure and a dreamy lifestyle .We would attend parties and also dance events hoisted in the services club .There would be Xmas celebrations for the kids with Santa distributing presents etc. The kids also learnt social etiquettes in true Naval tradition

However it was a challenging life with frequent inter-state transfers ,changing of schools ,houses and infact the whole setup as well as neighbourhood.

During holidays we would visit our native place and were surprised to see all other family members living life of luxury .No idea where and how they managed but we realized that inspite of our class one status we were infact not at all wealthy .

Years passed by ,we kept going ,guiding ,disciplining our children and teaching them the value of money .

Now after retirement it seems God has blessed us a wealth that is rare .Both my children now busy with their jobs but attached to family value system .

Some endings are happier than the beginnings and sometimes prosperity comes to the less wealthy.